How Does Arthritis Affect the Body? Top 10 Arthritis Symptoms!

2) Tenderness

You would think that tenderness is the same as pain, but it is not exactly. Tenderness is a sensation caused by inflammation. It is also called “hypersensitivity.” It can make you feel pain if you press or touch something. It is more like a sensation of pain triggered by pressure or touch. When not receiving any pressure or touch in the articulation, patients feel mild baseline pain or no pain at all. But how can you differentiate pain and tenderness? Well, if someone presses on the articulation, you may feel tenderness if they do it very lightly. If they press hard, you might feel pain, and if they press really hard, they may cause an injury. Tenderness is basically an exaggerated pain response, and it is found in almost all cases of arthritis, especially during flare-ups.