The Most Important Treatments for Fatty Liver Disease!

Surgical procedures

As mentioned above, weight loss is one of the baseline treatments for fatty liver disease. Sometimes, bariatric surgery is the most successful way to achieve the goal of a healthy weight. However, it is only reserved for a few cases when weight loss is not possible through lifestyle changes.

Bariatric surgery is often performed laparoscopically, which is a minimally invasive procedure. There are many procedures, and the best option is considered after evaluating the cause of obesity and why conservative methods are not working for you. It can be due to stomach enlargement, satiety problems, and hormonal issues with leptin and ghrelin, among others.

One of the most common is gastric bypass surgery. This surgery involves the surgeon removing the stomach and part of the esophagus, creating a smaller stomach pouch. After surgery, the central part of the stomach becomes like the small intestine. Impressively enough, this procedure is associated with 89 to 100% effectiveness when doctors perform a control biopsy two years after surgery. It is more commonly used in steatohepatitis to reduce the associated long-term risk.