The Top 5 Foods That Lower Cholesterol & Reduce Cardiovascular Risk!

2) Oat and rice bran

Bran is the outer layer of grain kernels. When processed, oat and rice are stripped off the bran to make them more palatable, but if you buy brown rice or whole oats, you will also get the bran and the extra nutrients concentrated in this portion of the grain.

Oat bran contains approximately 20 percent fiber and 20 percent protein. Rice bran contains about 14 percent fiber and 17 percent protein. This dietary fiber creates bulk in your gut and sweeps cholesterol from your system. Thus, adding oat and rice bran to your diet can help lower bad cholesterol levels, which can also decrease your risk of cardiovascular diseases because bad cholesterol or LDL is one of the critical components of atherosclerosis.

Rice bran also contains inositol, an important type of Vitamin B that is known to improve digestive health. Adding rice bran to your diet can help treat conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and constipation.

Oat and rice bran also make a great addition to your diet if you’re looking for a natural way to lose weight. The high fiber and protein content help make you feel full, so you don’t eat as much. In addition, the soluble fiber found in oat and rice bran helps control blood sugar levels and prevent those sugar cravings that lead to overeating.