5 Reasons Why Iron is Important & 4 Risk Factors for Iron Deficiency

Who is at risk of iron deficiency?

Risk factors for iron deficiency are those that increase your chance of having this condition. They are not the same as causes because when we talk about causes, there’s a more direct role in the development of the disease. In other words, you could have one of the risk factors shown below, which doesn’t mean you will suffer from this problem. Risk factors for iron deficiency include:

1) A diet low in iron intake

If the diet is not rich in iron, iron absorption from food will be lower. For example, vegetables, meat, and fish have high iron content, but non-fortified cereals usually have very little iron. In most cases, the diet is variable, and we typically don’t eat the same foods daily. Dietary aspects have an essential role in iron deficiency, though. And nutritional causes are very likely involved in this deficiency problem.