Effective date: September 14, 2022

Short Summary

We only collect the personal information you choose to give us, and we never sell your data to anyone. We may prompt you to provide your email address in the future to include you in a newsletter. Other than personal information, our servers collect log information, which does not reveal your identity and only shows where you’re from.

You should know that we use cookies and other technologies to collect information about visitors to our website. These include details such as the browser type, the operating system you use, the referring URL, and the pages you visit. We use this information to compile reports and to help us improve the site.

We may also use your information to send you service-related communications, such as email. You can unsubscribe to these anytime by clicking the link at the bottom of our emails.

The browsing protection of your privacy offered on Soundproof Talk is similar to others over the Internet. So, we would like to encourage our readers to use common sense when browsing and stay on the safe side, taking every precaution they can.

These privacy policy statements can change in the future without notice. By browsing Soundproof Talk, you’ll agree to any changes made to it, even if you don’t visit this site again. So, if you’re worried about your privacy on the internet, we recommend you visit this section often to ensure that you have read the latest version of the privacy statements.

For more information, please read the long version of our Privacy Policy.

Long version

We are a company with many members and receive plenty of visits every day, and we need to keep track of our visitors’ interests and behavior to provide the best possible service. That is why we may be able to get some information from you and your browser, as you will understand in detail in the following lines. Our privacy policy explains what we do with your data, including how we collect it and why. One of the most critical aspects we want to highlight from the start is that we will only share your information with us if we are required to by government authorities or if you permit us to do so. We’ll only use your data for a reason we said on this page.

The only way we could share your information with anyone outside of Soundproof Talk is when we need to do so under applicable law. For instance, we may disclose log data, which is described below, if we determine that such disclosure is necessary to make sure our terms and conditions are met. We will also share this information with security forces, including online security and local governments if they file a claim to obtain such data to solve legal conflicts or protect our users from danger.

How We Collect and Use Data in Soundproof Talk

Soundproof Talk is an informative web about health topics, constantly updating and adding new content according to users’ needs and emergent health concerns worldwide. Thus, we may require some information to guide our steps and give you the articles you really need to solve your doubts and learn more about topics you like. This is done without risking your privacy, with a type of browser data that does not disclose your identity in any way. It is called log data.

Log data is a type of non-personal information our site collects from you automatically and without the interference of humans, such as IP (Internet protocol) addresses, operating system type, browser type, referring website URLs, platform type, date/time stamp, number of clicks, length of visit, and other traffic data. Again, this information does not identify you personally. It helps us better understand how people use Soundproof Talk. The purpose is to use this information to help us make Soundproof Talk more useful to you.

To organize the log data we use in charts and statistics, we use third-party services such as Google Analytics. This way, we can see which pages of our site are visited most often, what type of visitors come to us, and which articles they read. We only use these service providers to gather this data and do not share it with them. As a result, we get detailed statistics that guide us on what our readers are interested in and what topics are more relevant to them.

Right now, we do not have a user area or registration of any type, but we may implement this option in the future. If you are a registered user of our Site, we may collect personal data about you, including but not limited to your name, email address, gender, age, occupation, marital status, interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes, preferences, and any other information you provide when you register with us. We may use such collected data to send newsletters, updates, or promotional information that could be of interest according to the sections of the blog you visit. You don’t need to be a registered user to browse our site. If we make available a user area in the future, we will not ask for personal information such as an address, postal code, or billing information unless stated otherwise in an update of these privacy policy statements.

How Soundproof Talk Uses Cookies

Cookies are small text files that websites store on your computer. Cookies allow the website to recognize you when you visit them, so you don’t have to give the same information more than once. Soundproof Talk uses cookies to improve the user’s online experience. For example, we use cookies to identify users and remember their preferences. We also use cookies to ensure that our website is displayed correctly on a mobile device. You can choose whether or not to accept cookies by changing your browser settings.

After you leave this site, cookies stored on your computer may be used to track your browsing activity on other sites. You can change the cookies settings for this site and third-party sites linked to this site at any time. However, please keep in mind that despite tracking web activity, cookies do not show your identity in any case and will not be used to track you personally. They are all anonymous data and are used for statistical purposes, as stated above.

It can be the case that cookies are required for specific functions in Soundproof Talk. If that were the case, only users that accept cookies would be able to browse such dedicated areas. However, other articles and information will still be available to you, even if you reject all cookies.

Your Online Security Is Important to Us

We use a variety of technologies and procedures to help protect you from fraud, malware, and other risks. We also work hard to improve our services to make them more secure. These include using encryption technology (such as HTTPS) when possible, limiting access to personal information about you, and taking appropriate steps to prevent unauthorized disclosure or misuse of such information. We will continue to implement new measures over time.

For example, we may ask you to answer specific questions during registration if we implement a user area in the future. This helps us detect fraudulent registrations and provides us with some additional demographic information about you that we can use to better target the advertising displayed to you. If, however, you do not wish to provide this information, you must remove your name from the site. Right now, there is no registration, and we do not ask for any of this. Still, we encourage you to visit this privacy policy once again if we implement this feature in the future, as some statements listed in this section may change.

This Privacy Policy Statement Can Change in the Future

The effective date of this privacy policy is September 14, 2022. This means that the privacy policy statements you just read were written and published at this time. It will continue to be effective until a new update is made available. In such a case, the effective date will also be updated, and the changes in Soundproof Talk‘s privacy policy will be effective immediately for all our users. By continuing browsing, you will be accepting these statements and future updates. So, we would like to encourage you to visit this section of Soundproof Talk frequently to be aware of any updates.

Soundproof Talk is committed to protecting the privacy of our users. This statement explains the kind of information we collect and how we may use it. It also describes how your data is protected, what choices you have about your information, and how to contact us if you wish to exercise those choices. We want you to know exactly how your personal information is collected, used, and protected when you use Soundproof Talk. However, it also comes down to you to stay updated, especially if you see new features on Soundproof Talk, such as a new registration process, user area, or a new prompt to leave your e-mail to receive updates via newsletter.