How Does Arthritis Affect the Body? Top 10 Arthritis Symptoms!

5) Deformity

When we talk about the word “deformity,” we refer to a distortion of the shape in the affected joint. Arthritis causes the bones in the joint to rub against each other and wear out the cartilage. The bones in the joint begin to swell and turn into spongy masses. The result of this is a deformity. Deformities can happen in any joint and cause different symptoms. Some of these are extremely painful, but others are just a little weird looking and cause mobility issues. This symptom of arthritis is a consequence of long-standing inflammatory problems in your joints. In such cases, the process degenerates the articulation and causes a progressive deformation. This is very common in rheumatoid arthritis, which features swan-neck deformity in the hands. The latter is very commonly used to diagnose the disease.