Inside a Bengaluru home that gives reclaimed building materials a new lease on life


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Extra bricks from one different mission have been used to clad a wall in his mattress room as a layer of insulation between his and the neighbour’s home. “Instead of using a PUF panel sheet or plywood and an additional layer of plaster, it was an easier solution since I had access to this leftover material.”

An classic Rajasthani door with a glass prime makes for the bar counter, whereas railway sleepers bought at an public sale wrap throughout the perimeters of it. Wood from columns and beams that used to hold up earlier Goan properties for the time being are positioned as rafters above.

Isha Shah

Simple chattai mats shield the terrance adjoining the lounge. “While being cost-efficient, they also weather beautifully in our climate,” Reddy elements out.

Isha Shah

The partitions all through the home present what Reddy describes as an undulated finish, similar to the kinds you’d uncover in Grecian homes in Santorini. “What otherwise takes eight steps and almost double the amount of sand, cement, water and paint, now takes only four steps done by hand. This was achieved with three-fourths of an inch of cement applied with a sponge and then cleaned up with sandpaper. Over it, I added a waterproof primer and two coats of paint—that’s it!” Reddy explains as he runs his fingers all through the partitions’ distinctive finish stating how there’s not a single crack even after 5 years.

“I finally received some form of validation when people started coming over once this house was complete,” he chuckles, together with, “Now my friends who are architects and interior designers ring me up asking to come see my home, not me! I guess I’ve done something that actually works while reducing my consumption of raw material by around 40 percent.”

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My noisy upstairs neighbours are driving me mad: What can I do?


My affiliate and I dwell in a remodeled flat and we can hear each factor my neighbours do upstairs.

There are no carpets so as soon as they’re strolling it looks like an elephant is above us. When they hoover it looks like any person is sawing by way of the ceiling and as soon as they do their workouts, the house home windows shake. 

When they are speaking loudly or watching TV, we can nearly hear every phrase – they often love watching wrestle motion pictures late at evening time. They actually have a canine, which often barks.

This reader says that his upstairs neighbours ‘sound like an elephant’ when strolling spherical

Both us and the flat above private a share of the freehold and I have spoken to them about it beforehand, nonetheless they merely say it isn’t a problem for them. Can one thing be achieved to resolve my downside?

Is there any degree trying to soundproof the ceiling, or is it extra sensible to take motion from above – and the way in which expensive will it is? Would it improve the price of my flat?

Are there any approved avenues I can uncover, and as we share the freehold wouldn’t it not be inside my rights to ask them to share just a few of the costs? Via piece of email

Ed Magnus of This is Money replies: Of the entire neighbourly complaints, noise disputes are possibly the most typical.

Whether you reside in a remodeled flat, a purpose-built condominium or a terraced dwelling, neighbour noise can come from plenty of directions.

Particularly in case you dwell in a busy metropolis or metropolis, a positive diploma of noise is unavoidable: we now have all been woken by pigeons roosting, binmen shouting or automotive alarms sounding. 

But there’s one thing quite extra invasive and unsettling regarding the noise of your neighbours coming by way of the partitions, ceilings or floorboards.

The movement you can take is decided by the reason for the noise. 

It’s not on a regular basis the neighbour’s fault – notably in relation to flats which have been remodeled from older houses.

Only in July 2003 did soundproofing legal guidelines for residential properties come into drive.

Are your neighbours breaking the building rules with their noise? You can look at their lease to check whether they are not allowed animals, for example

Are your neighbours breaking the developing pointers with their noise? You can check out their lease to confirm whether or not or not they are not allowed animals, for example

These developing legal guidelines apply to every new-builds and flat conversions, along with semi-detached and terraced housing. 

They place positive requirements on the separating partitions, flooring and ceilings between completely totally different properties.

If you are feeling your home contravenes these pointers, you can take approved movement in opposition to the developer or builder and doubtlessly drive them to pay for enhancements.

This would require you taking a sound check out to indicate that the noise was at an unacceptable diploma.  

But sadly, the regulation does not apply retrospectively – so in case your flat was remodeled sooner than 2003, there’s no approved movement that can be taken. 

If the noise downside can be proved to be anti-social behaviour, you are inside your rights to complain to the native council on the concept of it being a statutory nuisance.

Noise, along with loud music and barking canine are examples which may justify the council investigating extra, although the advice is to aim to treatment the difficulty by chatting with your neighbour sooner than contacting the council.

If the council decides your neighbour is inflicting a statutory noise nuisance, they should problem a uncover telling your neighbour what they should do to stop or restrict the noise, they often can be prosecuted or fined within the occasion that they ignore it.

However, if the noise is going on from common day-to-day dwelling pretty than anti-social actions, then complaining to the council will just about truly be unsuccessful.

To help in answering our reader’s dilemma, we spoke to Paula Higgins, chief authorities of the HomeOwners Alliance; Stuart Miles, solicitor at Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors; Mike Hansom, solicitor and affiliate for property disputes at BLB Solicitors; Phil Lyons, senior technical advisor on the Soundproofing Store; and David Westgate, group chief authorities at Andrews Property Group.

What must be your first plan of motion?

Paula Higgins replies: It looks like a cliché, nonetheless it is usually good to talk to your neighbours first.

When you technique them, it is a good suggestion to have three examples of as soon as they’d been excessively noisy at hand, full with dates.

Tell them how the noise affected you, nonetheless don’t be accusatory – being calm and low cost generally will get greater outcomes than being confrontational.

Rather than saying, ‘you saved me awake’, inform them, ‘I could not sleep as a result of noise that evening time.’

You should additionally notably inform them the way you want to the difficulty solved.

Are there any approved avenues to find?

Stuart Miles replies: The lease of your neighbour must be fastidiously scrutinised to see if there are associated clauses to assist proper right here.

This can be obtained from HM Land Registry for a nominal sum.

Some leases embrace clauses that might be associated, akin to not being allowed to have animals with out permission; needing to have carpet and underlay; and by no means inflicting a nuisance or annoyance to totally different occupiers of the developing.

The above clauses are only some examples, and the wording varies from lease to lease.

Subject to the precise wording of the clauses, and whether or not or not or not the neighbour has a consent or licence confirming that they do not should obey the associated clauses, then approved movement can be contemplated.

Even if there’s no such clause throughout the neighbour’s lease, if the noise is at an unreasonable diploma and frequency, you can take into consideration a declare for nuisance and breach of your correct to quiet enjoyment.

Noise pollution: Being able to hear your neighbour's every move can be a major annoyance

Noise air air pollution: Being able to listen to your neighbour’s every switch can be a severe annoyance  

How does a declare for nuisance work?

Mike Hansom replies: As properly as supplying you with a correct to take approved movement in opposition to your neighbour, the native authority has an obligation to investigate, and the place acceptable, to hold enforcement movement to forestall any statutory nuisance.

However, a nuisance declare will not succeed if the neighbours are using their flat in an ‘atypical and regularly’ methodology.

This means you are unlikely to have the power to forestall them from hoovering, strolling spherical or talking at low amount, simply because the development of the developing is such that you just simply can hear their every switch.

Whether the canine barking and residential well being amount to a nuisance will rely upon their amount and frequency You will need proof inside the kind of a diary, and audio recordings to indicate these actions are outdoor the ‘atypical and regularly’.

Am I seemingly to achieve a approved declare?

Mike Hansom replies: There are plenty of approved relationships at play proper right here, on account of each of you is a leaseholder, and collectively you are moreover the proprietor.

Where there is a administration agency, agency regulation applies to regulate the obligations of directors and members.

Alternatively, if the freehold is owned throughout the specific individual names of the leaseholders, perception regulation ought to be thought-about.

This means it isn’t unusual for each specific individual leaseholder to have completely totally different obligations and roles to play on the equivalent time.

Whilst this approved mixing bowl provides a variety of potential angles and strategies to pursue a declare, it moreover makes for a flowery approved framework which is usually very troublesome to navigate.

Noisy neighbours are unfortunately something that many people have to contend with

Noisy neighbours are sadly one factor that many people ought to deal with

There isn’t any guarantee you may succeed, and even in case you do, the determine couldn’t award you costs.

For this trigger, it’s best to consider mediation as an alternative choice to courtroom proceedings which could save time and expense.

You should additionally confirm whether or not or not you keep a approved payments insurance coverage protection protection that will cowl the costs.

It is advisable that you just simply confirm that as shortly as doable, as there’ll seemingly be a time prohibit to report a attainable declare to the insurer.

Might soundproofing totally treatment the difficulty? 

Phil Lyons replies: Silence is extraordinarily troublesome to achieve everytime you are bodily sharing a development with totally different people. 

Soundproofing in dwelling environments is further about attaining low cost in amount and readability, versus blocking the sound out totally. 

Is it doable to chop again the vibrations from above?

Phil Lyons replies: Footfall have an effect on or transferring furnishings on the bottom above creates a vibration.

Vibration travels merely by way of steady provides and on account of this truth will journey by way of the floorboards, into the timber joists and straight down into your ceiling.

The solely technique to stop the vibration from travelling into your ceiling is by each together with a cushioning or resilient layer to the bottom above to chop again the have an effect on on the provision, or developing a model new suspended ceiling which is ‘de-coupled’ or isolated from the development so that the vibration can’t swap into it.

Generally, it is extra sensible to stop it on the provision on the bottom if doable.

What regarding the sound of voices or the canine barking? 

Phil Lyons replies: Dog’s barking, people’s voices, TV and music is what we talk about with as airborne noise.

Airborne noise is barely blocked by mass.

Mass comes from heavy, dense provides and on account of this truth you need to add provides to the ceiling or flooring that are very heavy and dense.

If it’s a timber joist constructing by which there’s an empty cavity between the ceiling and flooring above, it means any sound from above or below echoes, resonates and amplifies – that’s known as the drum impression.

To stop sound from resonating inside, you need to add acoustic insulation into that cavity space which can take in the sound and stop it from resonating.

Is it extra sensible to soundproof from below or above?

Phil Lyons replies: There are many different sorts of soundproofing which are designed for differing constructing varieties and ranges of noise.

Soundproofing the bottom tends to be the quickest, greatest and most cost-effective reply as this often merely requires together with a soundproof matting to the bottom to get an enchancment in sound low cost.

Soundproofing the ceiling is a loads higher job involving eradicating the current ceiling and re-building it loads higher.

But in a super world you may get among the best outcomes from doing a mix of every.

What are the costs?

Phil Lyons replies: The costs will rely upon the size of the bottom or ceiling house, the provides you make the most of and who you choose to place in it – along with whether or not or not your neighbour agrees to share the worth.

An space tradesman might price spherical £300 per day for a two-man workers, according to the on-line soundproofing supplier, the Soundproofing Store – and an skilled sound proofing installer might price spherical £500 day-after-day.

In phrases of cloth value, to soundproof a timber flooring to significantly reduce airborne and have an effect on noise from above it’s going to value spherical £62 + VAT per sq. metre.

For these looking for to arrange soundproofing to a timber flooring sufficient to chop again every have an effect on and airborne sounds, it’s best to anticipate to pay roughly £38 + VAT per m2. 

Who can carry out the job?

Phil Lyons replies: In phrases of arrange, most strategies are easy enough for , competent DIY-er to do themselves.

An space builder or tradesman who just isn’t expert in soundproofing shouldn’t be used for soundproofing suggestion or specs, nonetheless can undoubtedly be used to place within the strategies {{that a}} soundproofing agency has advisable.

A specialist soundproofing installer can be essentially the most appropriate selection in relation to bringing further knowledge and experience, nonetheless will often value considerably further.

Will soundproofing improve the price of my home?

David Westgate replies: Soundproofing your flat won’t primarily improve its price nonetheless it’d help in case you ever decide to advertise, as an ongoing dispute collectively along with your neighbour may impact the saleability of the property.

If you should have already had an informal chat collectively along with your neighbour and haven’t been able to resolve the problem, then a wise plan of motion is prone to be to find a reply your self, akin to soundproofing the ceiling to chop again noise ranges.

Although it might price a bit you money now, it’s going to improve your dwelling circumstances immediately and doubtless reduce your stress ranges, and in the long run it’d stop money in case you probably did ever decide to advertise.

When you place a property within the market you are required to fill in a property knowledge kind. This provides the shopper with particulars about your home, along with the bodily state, and permits them make an educated choice regarding the property.

The kind moreover asks about any disputes with neighbours or factors that will lead to a dispute eventually.

If you chose to withhold particulars in regards to the dispute collectively along with your noisy neighbour, and didn’t reply the questions throughout the kind exactly and in truth, the shopper may take approved movement in the event that they’ve an identical problem with the neighbour as soon as they switch in.

The purchaser may doubtlessly declare for the worth of resolving the difficulty and even compensation for any lack of price throughout the property, and which may end up costing you higher than having the soundproofing work carried out now.

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