Celebrity Parents: Dad-to-be Kyle Sandilands is soundproofing his son’s nursery to block out his crying


Setting up a baby’s nursery with furnishings, clothes and a change station is all commonplace observe – nevertheless one issue that is not is soundproofing the room.

This is exactly what first time dad-to-be Kyle Sandilands is doing in preparation for the arrival of his son Otto in August.

“I’m getting the soundproof doors installed next week,” the radio host admitted to co-host Jackie O on their KIIS 106.5 breakfast show this morning – leaving her shocked and confused as to how he’ll hear the toddler cry.

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Kyle Sandilands anticipating first child with fiancé Tegan Kynaston. (Instagram)

Sandilands and his fiancé Tegan Kynaston have been anticipating the arrival of their first child collectively since they launched they’d been anticipating in February this yr.

And inside the lead up to the beginning, Sandilands has been very open and honest concerning the type of mum or dad he plans to be. Including how loads he shall be relying on a nanny.

“I thought that was for the studio,” Jackie O requested, to which Kyle replied, “No, no. That’s for the baby’s room, so I don’t have to hear that constant crying.”

“Oh my god are you for real?!” Jackie shouts out in disbelief. Sandilands explaining that he can choose to do regardless of he wishes with his baby.

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“When they’re crying it means they’re hungry or there’s something wrong,” Jackie O talked about.

To which Kyle responds: “That’s the nanny’s job. The nanny needs to hear the baby crying. Me no need to hear no cry cry.”

Sandilands and Kynaston simply recently celebrated baby Otto by web internet hosting a combined baby bathe over the weekend with shut family and mates, along with co-host Jackie O who is the child’s godmother.

This is following an extravagant gender reveal party they hosted in February on a superyacht in Sydney Harbour.

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