Celery Juice | Contents of Celery Juice & Health Benefits and Risks

Contents of celery and celery juice:

Celery is rich in minerals and vitamins including antioxidants like beta carotene and vitamins C and E. To quantify its contents, in a glass of celery juice (around 250 ml or 8.4 oz), there are:

  • 45 calories (an average adult male needs around 2000 calories per day)
  • About 2 grams of vegetable protein
  • 10 grams of carbohydrates
  • 5 grams of sugar (if unsweetened)
  • Around 10% of the daily needs of calcium. Calcium is an essential mineral for bone and muscle health and is an important component of many chemical processes in the body.
  • Around 7% of the daily needs of magnesium
  • 5% of the daily needs of phosphorus
  • 14% of the daily needs of potassium. Potassium is also a mineral needed for nerve health and maintains heart health.
  • 7% of the daily needs of vitamin A, which is required for eye health and for you to see in relative darkness.
  • Around 15% of the daily needs of vitamin C, which is a potent antioxidant and a vitamin needed for blood vessels and gums health.
  • More than 75% of the daily needs of vitamin K: Vitamin K is the most important vitamin for healthy blood clotting and blood health.

It is also rich in other minerals like zinc, which is important in healing and immunity as well as other vitamins like vitamin B complex, which are needed for skin and nervous system health.