5 Cholesterol Levels: by Age & the Normal Range!

3) What is HDL cholesterol, and what is the normal range

HDL, or high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, is high-density lipoprotein. Its function is to carry cholesterol away from the arteries and back to the liver so it can be removed from the body. That’s why it is called “good” cholesterol. When there is too much cholesterol in your body, it can build up in your arteries and cause your arteries to become blocked. But HDL cholesterol can solve this problem because it is a type of cholesterol carrier with a protective effect on your body.

Contrary to other types of cholesterol, you want to have this fraction relatively high because it has a protective role you want in your organism. The normal range of HDL levels is usually between 40 and 70 mg/dL. It is considered bad or risky if your HDL levels fall under 40 mg/dL. But too much HDL cholesterol can also be a problem. If your HDL level is higher than 70 mg/dL, this may indicate a high cholesterol level, so your doctor may want to examine your total cholesterol and LDL levels as well.