GUNNLAUG, IKEA’s soundproof curtain is almost too stylish to be practical


While it is easy to admire IKEA for his or her onerous furnishings – from the staple BILLY to the KALLAX – it is onerous to rival their latest light furnishing: GUNNLAUG

The piece in question has many capabilities – most notably, its means to absorb sound and filter out gentle. Sounds embody frequently clatters, along with dishes, the clangor of cutlery, or the joy of web site guests previous your window. 

And whereas it’s onerous to expose GUNNLAUG to an IKEA hack, its minimalist aesthetic means it is already elegant enough to ship into schemes of all kinds. 

GUNNLAUG soundproof curtain designed by IKEA

(Image credit score rating: IKEA)

The curtain, which is constituted of a mixture of the chenille yarn – and a novel weave constructing – is licensed in accordance to ISO 354 (a way of measuring sound absorption). It boasts a 50-100% higher absorption of medium and extreme sound frequencies than totally different supplies of the an identical lightweight and prime quality.