How to Reduce Shop-Vac Noise and Make It Quieter with a Muffler


I used to be currently procuring YouTube and fell down a rabbit hole of people making their shop-vacs quieter by setting up a muffler subject spherical it. They used an insulated subject to reduce Shop-Vac noise with foam rubber or styrofoam. I knew I’ll do one greater as a results of I just so occurred to have some acoustic mineral wool lying spherical. Mineral wool absorbs sound in stay efficiency halls, music studios, gymnasiums, and so forth. The consequence? My Shop-Vac muffler subject lowered noise from 87 dB to 61 dB at 24-inches away. If you are not acquainted with the decibel scale, for every 10 dB you chop, you half the perceived amount. Cut one different 10 dB, and you chop that in half as soon as extra (1/4 of the distinctive).

When I get completed exhibiting you the best way to reduce Shop-Vac noise, the quantity diploma will go from that of a noisy vacuum to decrease than the quantity of a microwave oven. 

Who is that this Project For?

This Shop-Vac muffler enterprise is for any person using their vacuum as a mud collector. It ought to sit in a single place in your retailer and not switch. It stays connected to your miter seen or desk seen. Because of the ultimate phrase dimension of the sector, this enterprise should not be for any person who’s using their shop-vac as a moveable vacuum or mud extractor. If you want to take your shop-vac to the automotive or basement, this is not the enterprise for you. We current you the best way to reduce Shop-Vac noise on a system you don’t ideas leaving in place.

However, in case you may have a small retailer, with the worth of shop-vacs, you’d merely buy a second system merely to hook up to your saws, add an computerized swap, and it might be properly nicely definitely worth the funding to make one shop-vac quieter.  

But What About Overheating?

Making your shop-vac quieter to reduce noise does no good within the occasion you kill it. Overheating the shop-vac was the very very first thing I thought of as soon as I seen people doing this enterprise. Everyone doing it claims they have not had a problem with overheating. I let mine run for quarter-hour, and it purchased warmth, want it always does, nevertheless not overly scorching. I may not want to let it run for an hour as retailer vacuums should not run continually. If you are working so fast that your mud assortment system desires to be working continually, you need a precise mud collector.

A Quieter Shop-Vac! I’m Sold. How Do I Build It?

For provides, you will have the subsequent:

  • 1 sheet of MDF or 3/4” plywood (2 in case you may have a huge shop-vac)
  • 2 furring strips, 8’ prolonged
  • 4 objects of 2-inch thick Roxul Rockboard 60 Mineral Wool Board
  • Wood glue
  • Screws, biscuits, pocket holes or your hottest methodology of assembling picket cases 
  • 2 1/2-inch hole saw (yours may differ) 

To get started, we wish to make your shop-vac as small as doable. Remove any pointless elements. This consists of the wheels, the deal with, accent system holders, and so forth. All of that unscrewed on mine. There was a protrusion on prime designed as a wire wrap. I used a reciprocating seen with a metal slicing blade to take away that in about 3 seconds. 

How to Size Your Shop-Vac Muffler Box to Reduce Noise

Once you have gotten your vacuum as small as doable, it is time to measure your shop-vac. Take the width and add 4-inches on each side for a full of 8-inches greater than your vacuum’s width and depth. Give your self a further inch or two on the doorway the place the hose connects in case your shop-vac has a very difficult or hard-to-attach hose.

You need 4-inches on each side as a results of it’s best to have 2-inches of mineral wool contained within the subject, plus 2-inches of air home throughout the shop vac for air circulate and airflow. 

Layout Your Cuts 

I laid out the cuts on a single sheet of plywood as indicated beneath for my shop-vac. It is a 16-gallon actual Shop-Vac mannequin vacuum from spherical 2015. My subject does not have a bottom to save supplies and prime. My vacuum merely sits on the bottom with the case spherical it. I did this for prime issues as a results of I used to be trying to match it beneath a miter seen stand. Feel free to add a bottom within the occasion you need one, and even casters so you will have the opportunity to switch it spherical. 

Plans to Make Shop-Vac Quieter

Assemble the Box

Next, assemble the sector using biscuit joints, screws, pocket hole jigs, or irrespective of means you prefer. Just be certain that to use glue all one of the best ways down the seam to make it as airtight as doable. 

Gluing Shop-Vac muffler box to make Quieter

Cut the Holes

After that, decrease the holes in your vent, hose, and vitality wire. Air comes throughout the hose and desires to exit of the sector by the use of a vent. The vent can go anyplace, nevertheless I chosen to put mine hole the place I can actually really feel the air coming out of it merely to be certain that it was not overheating whereas initially testing it. In completely different phrases, I did not put my vent throughout the once more the place I couldn’t attain or the place I might by probability cowl it. 

I put the hose and the wire side by side, so I did not need to drill a large hole for the power wire.  I’ll run the power wire by the use of the outlet for the hose first and then arrange the hose. To discover the outlet for the hose, take away the hose from the vacuum, put the shop-vac throughout the subject, then put a pencil throughout the hole of the shop-vac hose. Now trace the spherical outline of the hose on the inside of the sector. My shop-vac hose required a 2 1/2” hole seen to drill the outlet. I then drilled a 3/8” hole merely to one side and chiseled out the waste between the two holes so I’ll run the power wire. 

Drilling holes into the Shop-Vac muffler

Insert the Mineral Wool

Cutting the mineral wool was a easy job with a utility knife or sharp pocket knife (though it gained’t be sharp after you finish). I decrease it tight ample that friction holds it in place. I then used the outlet seen to decrease correct by the use of every the vent hole and the hose hole to create holes throughout the mineral wool.

Just a tiny V-shaped notch is ample to make home for the power wire throughout the mineral wool. The mineral wool is important to making this shop-vac muffler quieter than completely different packing containers.

Add the Top Cover

We’re nearly completed with our technique of how to reduce the noise of your Shop-Vac. Now comes the final word assembly! Run the power wire, then run the hose by the use of and be a part of it to the shop-vac. Turn on the vac, go away it unplugged, and you are ready to put the very best on. Center all of it one of the best ways spherical.

The subsequent step is to take the furring strips and decrease them to create a seal all one of the best ways throughout the prime after getting it centered. I screwed it in vertically, starting on one side. Work your methodology throughout the prime from beneath. When I accomplished, I had a prime I’ll elevate on and off that’s sort of airtight.

Plug the vacuum in and try it out. The muffler (or hush subject) ought to make your shop-vac quieter by a essential margin. It may not be silent—nevertheless it ought to be a lot quieter.

Box Top

Add-Ons to Make It Even Better

That’s how to reduce Shop-Vac noise with a home-built muffler, nevertheless wait, there’s additional. There are two add-ons you will have the opportunity to add to this enterprise to make it even greater. The first is a cyclone filter which makes the shop-vac additional surroundings pleasant since the entire heavy particles fall into a bucket exterior the sector. It makes it so that you just nearly certainly not have to change the filter or open the sector. The most well-known is the Dust Deputy. Though for now, I’m using the cheaper Woodstock Mini 2-Stage Separator. It sits on a 5-gallon bucket and dumps the sawdust into the bucket.

The second add-on is an EToolCity automatic switcher, which prompts the vacuum every time you start your vitality system and then turns it off about 15 seconds after the system stops working. This is a huge help because you certainly not have to consider turning your shop-vac on and off. In my case, I’ve it connected to my miter seen, so it solely runs for a few seconds at a time and then shuts off. This computerized swap alone makes my studio dramatically quieter. It’s properly nicely definitely worth the worth.

Finished Shop Vac Quiter

Conclusion: A Quieter Shop-Vac

Is this enterprise worth your time? Hopefully, it helped you understand how to reduce Shop-Vac noise. If you try to protect noise in your retailer to a minimal, then positive.  If you always use mud assortment when using your devices, then positive, I really feel it is worth your time to make your shop-vac quieter.