How to Soundproof a Room with Blanket: 9 Easy Steps

How to soundproof a room with blanket: Today in soundprooftalk we try to cover a topic that may confuse you, but the things is real and its works too.

Are you looking for the answer of your question how to soundproof a room with blanket? The this guide is for you, just keep reading.

If you’re wondering how to soundproof a room for free with something you definitely have at home, blankets are your answer.

Although stretched blankets on walls and windows   may not be the most aesthetic solution, it is effective for all types of emergencies.

For blankets to work as effective noise blockers, they need to be as thick and dense as possible.

Wool blankets are a great choice. You should make sure the blanket covers the entire surface of the wall and preferably the windows, and feel free to add layers.

One trick is to use thick blankets for soundproofing. These blankets are designed to protect your belongings when you move, so they are very thick.

Unfortunately, they are relatively well soundproofed, as well as much cheaper than some professional soundproofing equipment.

Benefits and Reasons of Choosing Blanket?

Before doing soundproofing with blanket you need to know the reasons why use blanket.

First of all it’s cheap and this is the main reason, others soundproofing materials are far way costly.

It is very easy to buy and maintain then others, it takes small spaces and don’t need any extra support.

Next thing is very easy to use, installation process is so easy so that you can make it as a DIY project.

Flexibility is another good reasons to choose blanket, you can fix the soundproofing of your rooms different parts with it.

It can be your interior décor too, if you use it creatively or you can color it with your favorite color and make it beautiful.

Type of Blanket You Need to Choose?

type of blanket you need to choose
Type of Blanket You Need to Choose?

Is every blanket is perfect for sound proof your house? The answer is no, you need to find what is the best option for you.

You need to keep in mind few things before choosing a blanket, and the material is most important one of them.

Cotton, multilayered polyester and organic wool made blankets are the best performer in terms of soundproofing.

How to soundproof a room with blanket?

Okay now you know some important fact about soundproofing, it’s time to start the process.

Before you start you the main things you understand well is how to use blanket for soundproofing.

We make a step by step guide for you just follow the steps and you will done.

1. Your Room Floor:

First off all take close look with your floor ,very often we faced sound issue with our floor.

You can solve it with using blanket, keep blanket on it and do as much as stylish with it .

2. Your Room Ceiling:

Another part of your room take mostly sound issue.Your neighbor make sound up you .

Best option is cover your ceiling with blanket and use thick one, attached the blanket with heavy nails so that it take right place.

3. Room Appliances:

Your room appliances make sounds also, appliances something like washing machine, fridge, dishwasher etc.

To make them less sound you can use soundproof blanket and cover them with your blanket.

Before covering your appliances read the given instructions of those machines, because some are not suitable for heating issue.

Some areas need to open, so please read carefully before do it.

When you are going to cover your appliances you can do it several ways like:

  • You can lay a blanket on the floor
  • Place your appliances on it make sure use the center position
  • Rest of the part of the machines you can tape them well with your soundproof blanket
  • If need you can place another blanket over the appliances.

4. Your Furniture:

Time to cover up your furniture too, if you want less sound in your room.

You know hard object return sounds ,they allow sound waves to bounce back. Cover your furniture with blanket is best option there.

To cover your furniture try to use dense and thick one ,they give you the best result.

You can use some attractive looking painted or printed blanket to look more awesome and good fit with your furniture.

5. Your Room Wall:

90% of your room noise come from outside ,your wall can not prevent it you know.

So if you cover your walls with blanket it can make your room less noisy, and fix the sound issue. Using this steps can easily make soundproofing wall.

You can attached an blanket with your wall as like as set wall posters, you can check the following option when you cover your wall:

  • Fix the blanket with your wall and use high grade industrial adhesive ,so that the wall can put the blanket well.
  • You can use mountain putty to tack your blanket with wall .

6. Over the Door:

Usually soundproofing the door is little difficult than other parts of the room but you can use blanket to make this an easy solution.

over the door
Over The Door

You just follow the steps below when soundproofing your door:

  • Use good quality glue for the blanket
  • Keep in mind if you are not going to open the door than fix it for good soundproofing
  • You can use curtain holder to hang the blanket, but remember glue can damage your blanket as well.

7. Window Covering:

Now cover your windows okay, just like your window curtain fix the blanket as well.

When you are going o buy blanket take account that it work with your windows with out any issue .

Try to cover as mush as you can when cover the windows but keep in mind this is not the right way to soundproof your room.

8. Source of Noise:

This part is very important when you are going to soundproof your room.

You see very often sounds come from others rooms or outside the rooms, so things to consider.

Some places where produce in your home sound

  • Music room
  • Kitchen
  • Garage
  • Laundry room

9. Choose the best option:

Yes for soundproof your room with blanket you need to keep in mind that you are the boss of your house and you need to make your own system.

Each and every techniques are not perfect for each rooms and individual elements .

You need to know the reason of soundproofing and obviously the best soundproof solution for that.

Try to find out the reason of noise and first of all fix the place part or parts of that noise making things.

Conclusion: okay now you know how to soundproof a room with blanket ,and what to consider when you are going to soundproof your room.

If you have any ideas and techniques then feel free to comment below.

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