Osteoarthritis Causes & 9 Signs and Symptoms You Might Be Ignoring!

Is it a common disease?

Yes, osteoarthritis is a fairly common disease, especially in seniors. After age 65 years, studies show that 50% of patients will develop some form of osteoarthritis. Thus, the disease affects up to 32 million Americans in the United States. But in some cases, patients develop osteoarthritis without even knowing it. Therefore, if we take the time to search through apparently healthy people, we will find out that osteoarthritis radiological signs are found in 85 to 90% of patients over 65 years, which is much more than the number we gave you above.

This means that many people with osteoarthritis haven’t been identified, and that’s because the disease has not yet started giving out symptoms. It won’t always become symptomatic; when it happens, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will become disabled or suffer a severe disease with crippling symptoms.