Osteoarthritis Causes & 9 Signs and Symptoms You Might Be Ignoring!

Causes of osteoarthritis

In most cases, we can’t pinpoint a single cause of osteoarthritis. In others, there’s an apparent reason or an event that triggered the symptoms. But even if there is no traceable cause of osteoarthritis, you will find risk factors, which are elements of your lifestyle, habits, and environment that will increase the risk of developing this disease.

One of the most common causes of osteoarthritis is trauma. Traumatic injuries can trigger osteoarthritis when they are severe enough to disrupt the joint cartilage or create severe damage to other parts of the articulation, which can also destroy the underlying bone and lead to inflammation of the surrounding tissue. The joints we use more often will tend to be the ones more affected by the disease. For instance, the knee is considered the most susceptible to injury because it is designed to absorb shock and is also prone to overuse. When the knee is injured, the surrounding tissues may be stretched and pulled, causing inflammation and triggering pain. Osteoarthritis can result from a single high-energy trauma that severely damages the articulation or repeated traumatic events that progressively destroy the joint structures.

Another cause of osteoarthritis is obesity. If you are obese, your body weight can be concentrated in your lower extremities, putting additional stress on your knees and hips. This can cause wear and tear on your joints, which can lead to arthritis.