ResMed CEO expects another tough quarter as supply chain woes continue


ResMed continues to be sustaining its estimate that it will see between $300 million and $350 million in fiscal 2022 incremental revenue as a outcomes of Philips’ ongoing recall. However, CEO Mick Farrell admitted that “it is going to be tougher to hit that estimate than 90 days ago,” all through a Tuesday hearth chat hosted by KeyBanc Capital Markets. 

The agency observed roughly $85 million in incremental revenue in its fiscal first quarter, and $45 million in its fiscal second quarter, which led to December.

Farrell talked about to anticipate a tough fiscal third quarter, with outcomes very similar to last quarter, and a fourth fiscal quarter that can most likely be “better, but not that much better.” 

ResMed’s stock was down virtually 9% on the data Wednesday. The agency’s stock was up virtually 3% when the market opened Thursday.

ResMed's stock surged in June 2021 after a competitor's recall, but declined in March 2022 as it faces supply chain challenges.

Ricky Zipp/MedTech Dive, data from New York Stock Exchange


The agency goes up in direction of supply chain challenges, coupled with its competitor’s sweeping recall. Global shortages of semiconductors significantly have been the most important subject, a difficulty which may continue into 2023. 

“We’re doing everything we can. We see the patients building up in this backlog. It’s not good for patients,” Farrell talked about. “We are not limited on manufacturing capacity. And every time we get one more chip, we put it straight into the device.”

To take care of these challenges, ResMed has been redesigning a number of of its merchandise and turning to new suppliers. 

“We’re even looking at the use of non-comms devices where we can take out the 5G chip, but then of course we reached the next bottleneck in the system, which is another microprocessor system,” Farrell talked about. “It’s almost two steps forward, two steps back some weeks.” 

The agency continues to be preparing for a scenario the place its competitor, Philips, comes once more in December. Earlier this yr, Philips had shared guidance that it might come once more throughout the fourth quarter of 2022, nevertheless the continued recall of its sleep apnea and ventilator devices has since expanded. 

“I don’t think it’s realistic based upon the numbers that are out there,” Farrell talked about, together with that March or June 2023 is additional attainable.

Philips’ recall began after it found the froth it used to soundproof its devices could break down, most likely moving into the air pathway and inflicting victims to inhale toxic chemical substances. It was initially estimated to affect between 3 million and 4 million devices, nevertheless was expanded to 5.2 million devices earlier this yr. 

On excessive of that, the FDA has ordered Philips to tell victims and suppliers of the recall, after discovering that “the company’s notification efforts to date have been inadequate.” 

A separate recall, related to some of Philips’ ventilators being assembled using expired adhesive, began in March.