The Truth about Total Knee Replacement Surgery!

What to expect from total knee replacement surgery

Realistic expectations are very important before and after total knee replacement surgery. Knowing what the procedure can do, its limits, and the most common complications are essential.

In reality, total knee replacement is a medical procedure with well-established indications and limitations. Knee replacement surgery can only be effective if the patient is adequately prepared and informed before the operation.

First of all, many patients come to the surgery table thinking they will experience a dramatic change in their symptoms. They believe the surgery will improve their condition so much that they will no longer need painkillers. That’s not always the case. You will experience an improvement, but it won’t be like it was when you were young or before you developed arthritis. The surgery is useful but has limitations, and you may need to make modifications to your sporting activities after surgery.

You will be able to walk, swim, play golf, ride a bike, or dance. But jogging, running, jumping, and playing high-impact or contact sports are not recommended. It is not a transient recommendation. You won’t be able to practice this type of sport in the future, either. Otherwise, the surgery benefits will be lost.