The Truth about Total Knee Replacement Surgery!

Complications of total knee replacement surgery

The complication rate of total knee replacement is very low. Only 2% of patients who undergo this type of surgery will get serious complications such as infections and blood clots. Stroke and heart attack are very rare after this type of surgery unless you already have a very high cardiovascular risk.

The most common complications include:

  • Infections: The surgical wound can become infected after surgery, causing swelling and slow healing. This complication happens a few days or weeks after the surgery and is successfully treated with antibiotics.
  • Blood clots: Bleeding can result in blood clots forming and traveling in your circulation. In some cases, these blood clots can cause life-threatening complications. That’s why you’re recommended to elevate your legs and use blood-thinning meds. It all depends on your risk factors.
  • Implant problems: The implants can also wear down and become damaged, for example, if you practice contact sports. It is also possible that you develop scar tissue, which sometimes limits the result of surgery and reduces the range of motion.
  • Continued pain: Your symptoms will progressively improve as you recover. But some patients may not experience pain relief. They continue feeling the same symptoms as before. This is a rare complication but can happen sometimes.