Vampire the Masquerade Swansong Walkthrough Part 11


Galeb manages to overpower and subsequently kill the troopers holding him prisoner in a single fluid motion. His mission has not modified. He nonetheless should discover and do away with Monseniur Stanford.

Check the the rest of this data to know which elements to place cash into sooner than starting the diploma. And keep in mind, merely set off there is a decision that saves you Willpower in the end, it doesn’t indicate it’s the biggest decision. You WANT to utilize your Willpower to reinforce your mastery of skills.

And with that out of the technique, let’s start the diploma.

Before leaving the interrogation room, be sure that to pick up the High Security key off the corpse of one amongst the troopers. You’ll moreover want to collect the Blue SD card from the fallen tripod on the flooring. You may even uncover a poker in the comparable tray as the cross and completely different torture units. It’ll develop into helpful later.

After exiting the room, you’ll want to flip left in course of 1 different torture chamber. Inside, you’ll uncover a seen and cutters beside the torture chair. Pick them up. Using your Sense the Unseen power, you uncover that they’ve been torturing a werewolf. He can develop into helpful as a distraction when you choose to let him unfastened on all people in the facility.

Across the hall earlier the cells, you’ll come all through a soundproof gross sales area. Inside the room, you’ll uncover the completely different key that opens the cells. It’s located inside a key storage locker. Now that you just simply’ve gotten the keys, you want to use them every to open the cells.

Now, let’s work in your decisions

Prisoner Transfer Request

If you may need the SD card with you, you might insert it into the recorder inside the closet. Listening to it reveals that you want to use a prisoner change request to get your self out. All you need is anyone eager that can assist you to.

Go once more to the important cell block and enter cell 4. There, you may uncover Michelle Davis. You need at the least Dominate(3) for the two of you to start talking and Presence or at the least Persuasion(4) to influence her to go along with your plan. And that plan entails faking a prisoner change.

To make this escape strive happen, you’ll should:

  • Return to the interrogation room and select up the stake they drove into your coronary coronary heart.
  • Go to the office correct subsequent to the soundproof room and use Presence to terrify Agent Dern to reveal her rank to you. If you killed her sooner than getting one thing out of her, you might nonetheless get her rank using the rusty crowbar on the locker correct of her locker to get the passcode for the laptop computer in the soundproof room. Open entry it, enter 822614, and there you’ll uncover out Dern’s rank.
  • Go by the use of Dern’s pockets to get a key that you want to use to open her locker. Inside her locker, there’s a cellphone that Michelle can use to imitate Georgia Dern. You would possibly should take heed to one amongst the entries first sooner than the selection to pick it up turns into on the market.
  • To get the full A745_C sort, you’ll need to choose up a clear certificates from the cabinet in the soundproof room. Go once more to the room with the confiscated devices and use the stamp to prepare the doc for use. And uncover lastly, to get Dern’s implant amount, take a look at the sign-in sheet on the wall above the laptop computer in the room the place you killed Dern. Once you acknowledge the implant amount, use the stationaries on the completely different desk to fill out the sort.

While you’re in the confiscated devices lock-up, if you saved the Red Implant secret from Stanford, it’s doable so that you can to easily get the consumables you may need misplaced for those who acquired first captured.

Cooperating with the Werewolf

If you couldn’t use Dominate to get Michelle in your aspect, you’ll have to go looking out one different technique to flee the jail. And that approach entails a Werewolf.

After you’ve opened the cells, go to the once more of the cellblock. There you may uncover a High-Security cell that properties the Werewolf.

To merely persuade him that the SI are a greater danger, you’ll need to take a look at a report inside the soundproof the place it takes about the completely different wolves. If you’ve study that, choose ‘I discovered that the SI has tracked down his pack’ as your dialog selection. Else, you’ll need at the least Psychology(4) to influence him.

Once you open the door, you’ll be dealt with to a cutscene of him reworking proper right into a Werewolf sooner than storming out and killing all people downstairs.

If you chose to go along with the Werewolf, you might take the time to talk with Berel as quickly as further and resolve if his worth to the Camarilla is larger than the peace you get by strolling away from such a problematic Childe.

If you choose to launch him, I hope you’ve set him straight and he hasn’t been talking to Xu Feng behind your once more. You don’t need one different mistake shadowing you to the end of your days.

To end the diploma, stroll as a lot as the proof and work collectively collectively along with your clothes to go deeper into the facility.

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