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Why should a restaurant have good soundproofing?

Why should a restaurant have good soundproofing

When someone enters a restaurant, they expect to find a good atmosphere, which is relaxing and allows them to sit at the table and enjoy an experience in which many senses are involved, not only that of taste.

One of those that deserves attention is hearing, which in a public place with a large influx of people such as a restaurant can often be saturated. 

Noise can ruin an occasion that is expected to be pleasant, and many studies show that it has harmful effects on health.

It is sad to find places that take care of a lot of details, such as the decoration, the menu or the presentation of the dishes, but do little to achieve adequate soundproofing. At soundprooftalk we have already told you about how to sound proof a room with blanket, today we are talking about the restaurant acoustic.

The discomfort of noise

It is not to anyone’s liking to have to raise their voice to talk to someone because the conditions of the premises are not adequate. In addition, this generates an even worse effect, because the diners around you have to do the same to be able to hear each other, ending up becoming a place where nothing is understood and everyone is nervous.

This is one of the reasons why a restaurant must have good acoustics, which allows listening without having to shout and contributes to making the evening more enjoyable. 

In some places they even opt to completely isolate the dining area so that the occasion can be fully enjoyed. Although in most cases it is not necessary to completely soundproof the space, but to condition it so that it has adequate acoustics, which helps to reduce the noise inside the premises.

In fact, there are restaurants that are superbly soundproofed so that nothing goes outside, but no attention is paid to the fact that all the noise will stay inside, disturbing both customers and those who are serving them.

A restaurant without noise is more attractive

One of the reasons why a restaurant or any other place with a lot of people needs adequate soundproofing to attract more customers. On many occasions, when entering a place and noticing that there is a lot of noise or people are speaking too loud, some people prefer to go out in search of another quieter place.

restaurant without noise

On the other hand, entering a place where the environment is less noisy, and although people chat animatedly they do not have to raise their voices, the background music is heard if there is it and the staff is less stressed because they do not have to endure noise, it invites to come in and sit down to enjoy the occasion.

Therefore, having good acoustics in a restaurant is essential at a business level.

Protect stuff health

Perhaps there are customers who do not mind spending a while enduring noise, because when they finish eating they leave and there is no more problem. However, staffs have to spend many hours in these conditions, which is very dangerous for their health.

The effects of continuous noise on people can affect not only the ear, but also the health of the heart, the nervous system or even vision. Problems that can lead to sick leave and economic loss.

Having good acoustics is a way of taking care of the health of workers, who by not being subjected to this type of pressure will be able to carry out their work in a more pleasant way. This will be noticeable both in the way you work and in dealing with the public, which is also important.

The reverb problem

One of the phenomena that occur when there is not a good acoustic conditioning is reverberation, a kind of echo that continues to sound when the origin of the sound has ended. For example when someone talks or something falls to the ground. It occurs when noise bounces off surfaces, such as the ceiling or walls, because they do not absorb it.

The longer this phenomenon lasts, the more noise will accumulate, and along with this other new sounds that end up being unbearable. When it is possible to reduce the duration of this echo, the internal acoustics of the premises can be improved. This requires good planning and calculating where it is most necessary to place insulating or sound absorbing materials.

How to improve the soundproofing of restaurant

The first step that must be taken is to look at the plans of the premises and see what materials have been used for the floors, walls and ceilings. Glass, ceramic or metal elements contribute to greater reverberation, so it must be countered with others that absorb sounds.

soundproofing for restaurant

It is also interesting to make noise measurements and see how long it takes to be absorbed or where it bounces the most. With these data, the type of acoustic panels to be used is determined, as well as where it should be done to achieve the best conditioning. As a general rule, covering half the ceiling can achieve a more than satisfactory result.

In addition, with the large number of materials and finishes that exist today, not only good acoustics are achieved, but it can also be decorated with the style you want.

Some soundproofing tips

These details will allow you to reduce the reverb time to some degree:

On the floor it is best to place a carpet, but on the entire surface at least through the passage areas to the tables.

To reduce bounce off the glass, it is best to use thick curtains. In this way, they will absorb the noise and not project it towards the interior of the premises.

The upholstered chairs help a lot to achieve good acoustic conditioning. It is also convenient to put felt on the legs so that they do not sound when dragging.

A trivet and a thick cloth tablecloth on top is very useful.

Double roofs and traps to break sound waves.

These tips can be used not only in restaurants, but also in other places where there may be problems with noise. There are quite a few techniques that will help you get an ideal space for your clientele, go to an acoustics company and receive advice on how to act. Hope you enjoy the guide if you like it please do share with your family and friends, if you have more ideas of soundproofing then please do Comment below.

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